1990-Present.  Hale Consulting, Ltd.; an independent Computer Consulting firm.  Providing members of the accounting community with consulting, training, and programming services, and offering a unique combination of expertise in both Accounting Principles and Computer Science.

A Large Chain of Charter Schools. Implemented Dynamics SL 2011 on SQL Server 2008, running on Windows Server 2012.  Designed a chart of accounts and subaccounts structure to tie together a for-profit parent and not-for-profit subsidiaries.  Programmed financial statements to compare operations between schools, and in relation to student and employee counts.  Programmed an Excel VBA system, to distribute the process of selecting documents for payment.  Programmed an Excel VBA system to call SQL Server statements and retrieve data for analysis.  Programmed an Excel VBA system to call the Solomon Object Module, and push balanced and validated budget information into the accounting database. 

Hale Consulting, Ltd.  Developed a product called Artificial Audit Intelligence.  It is an Excel add-in, written in Excel, VBA, VB.NET, and VSTO.  It prompts the user for the data element being audited, and the data values most likely to affect it.  It then uses regression analysis to identify the outliers, on which the auditor should concentrate. 

A 30,000 Member Club.  Developed a system in Excel, that uses VBA to interface with FRx, to extract historical actuals from Solomon.  It then prompts the user for current budget amount, and bases the monthly distribution on prior actuals.  It then pushes the budgets through the Transaction Import facility into Solomon’s budgeting system.  It replaced a $100,000 implementation of the FRx Forecaster system. 

A Large Agricultural Enterprise.  Programmed a system in Excel, which uses VBA to call SQL statements to retrieve Inventory and Sales Order information from the Solomon database.  It automates the shipping and manufacturing process of lettuce products, from a cooler facility with 40 truck bays. 

A 30,000 Member Club.  Programmed a system in Excel to interface with their American Express expense report system.  It pulls SQL data from Solomon to validate the data, and then sends formatted Accounts Payable voucher batches back into the accounting system. 

A Worldwide Contractor in Overhead Sprinkling Systems.  Designed and implemented a complete rework of their databases, companies, chart of accounts, and financial statements.  Programmed a SQL Server interface between Microsoft Project and Solomon. 

A Large Consulting Organization.  Implemented Solomon Project Controller, Project Allocator, Time and Expense, and financial modules in a professional billing environment with some 200 timekeepers connecting to Solomon via the Microsoft Business Portal. 

A large spray foam roofing contractor.  Designed changes to a long-established Solomon III accounting system, captured hard costs and overhead down to the crew level and assessed contribution and profitability of each spray rig.  Converted the system into Solomon IV and Microsoft SQL Server.  Implemented the Project Controller, and Multi-Company modules.   Consulted on the selection and implementation of the JAAS Advanced Manufacturing Software system. 

Technical Services and Products.  Implemented the Solomon financial modules, as integrated with Sandler-Kahne Project Work Order and Work Order Procurement modules.  The clients’ customers are federal, state, and local courts.  The product is an automated court room system, including the purchase and installation of hardware.

A Large Agricultural Enterprise.  Implemented Solomon Project Controller, financial, and distribution modules in an environment where costs are tracked and billed for crops farmed for specific customers, and products are sold in bulk.  Developed an extensive system in Microsoft Excel and VBA, to pull data from SQL Server and support the shipping of product from a processing facility. 

A Large Insulation Subcontractor.  Implemented Solomon Work Order, Project Controller, financial, and distribution modules for a subcontractor to home builders across several Western states. 

A Large Plumbing Subcontractor.  Implemented Solomon Project Controller into an environment where time is captured by job and task and feeds payroll to print checks and Project Controller for profitability, budget, and billing reports.  Implemented Solomon Multi-Company to allow payments from one company on behalf of another to be properly accounted for.  Implemented Solomon Service-Dispatch for use in warranty and service calls and in scheduling new home construction.  Designed and programmed extensive customizations to facilitate smooth data entry, and effective analysis.  Consulted on the implementation of a system to attach scanned images to Solomon document records.

Various.  Converted over a hundred client databases from the 16-bit version of Solomon IV, into a Microsoft SQL Server database and 32-bit Solomon.

The Arizona Society of CPAs.  Taught over 300 hands-on classes in; Microsoft Windows, Excel, and Word, Novell NetWare, Lotus 1-2-3, WordPerfect, and DOS.  All the classes are oriented to the particular computer needs of accountants.  Students have included thousands of CPAs, in both public practice and private industry.

Community Legal Aid Organization.  Extracted selected data from the DOS-based Solomon III accounting system, re-mapped the account structure, and imported the data into the Solomon IV system.

Hospitality Industry Software Vendor.  Developed a custom reporting system to utilize data originating in the reservation and front-desk systems into accounting and cash flow reports.

Bank One.  Consulted on the design of a system to replace a mainframe-based inventory system for ATM parts.  Programmed extensive screen modifications in Solomon IV inventory, purchasing, and accounts payable screens.  Programmed hand-held data-collection devices for taking physical inventories.  Developed upload models to move data into the new system.

Phoenix Coyotes.  Integrated a custom developed purchasing system into the Solomon accounts payable module. Implemented a document scanning database to supplement Solomon. 

Not-for-Profit Organization.  Consulted on the integration of a point-of-sale system into the Solomon IV accounting package.

Health Care Not-for-Profit.  Implemented a Solomon IV Payroll system serving nearly 3,000 employees in 5 states.  Customized screens and programmed reports to satisfy human resources requirements.

A nationwide operator of Laundromats.  Implemented Solomon IV in a Windows NT environment.  Programmed a conversion of Payroll data from a service bureau into Solomon IV.

Public Accounting Firm.  Implemented Solomon IV as a solution for a large client accounting practice.

National Association of Purchasing Managers.  Programmed upload scripts for General Ledger budgeting numbers into Solomon IV.  Customized Accounts Payable screens and reports.

The Arizona Cardinals.  Consulted on the selection of the Solomon IV accounting system and designed an interface to the AS400-based payroll system.  Conducted a series of hands-on training seminars in WordPerfect.

The Harlem Globetrotters.  Detected and repaired viruses from a dozen office computers under attack.  Converted from single-user Solomon III to multi-user Solomon IV.  Designed an account/subaccount structure to capture Tour/Team/City data and financial statements which highlighted operational profitability. 

Owner-Operator of Hotels.  Integrated the data generated by a front-desk system into Solomon Cash Manager and General Ledger.  Implemented a Purchasing system that was integrated into Accounts Payable and Inventory and served 8 properties in 3 states.

A 30,000 Member Club.  Conducted training classes in Solomon IV.  Converted accounts receivable and inventory from a legacy system.  Installed and configured a point-of-sale system to integrate with Solomon.  Merged two companies into a single database, implementing the multi-company module.  Implemented a document scanning database to supplement Solomon.  Developed a system in Excel, with VBA, to modify data from an online purchasing system and format it for import as Accounts Payable vouchers

A Worldwide medical supplies manufacturer opening an office in Mexico City. Conducted Spanish language training classes in the Solomon IV distribution modules.  Installed and configured Solomon on a network of IBM PS/2s, using token-ring cards, and Novell 4.  Upgraded the network to a Windows NT server, Ethernet, and 32-bit Solomon. 

A Garage Door subcontractor to the homebuilding industry.  Designed, implemented, and supported a computerized system of accounting which streamlined all aspects of the business cycle; sales order, accounts receivable invoicing, perpetual inventory control, and cash management.  Converted from Solomon III single-user to Solomon IV.  Implemented a document scanning database to supplement Solomon. 

A worldwide agricultural chemicals supplier, with an office in Guadalajara, Mexico. Consulted and trained, in Spanish, on an inventory implementation.  Programmed an extensive series of reports in Solomon to highlight profitability by product, region, and salesperson, comparative by year.

A large Physical Therapy Group.  Installed and trained on the implementation of Solomon III, running under SCO XENIX.  The requirements included a Payroll system with hundreds of employees and many pre-tax and other special calculation deductions, and a great deal of custom report writer programming.

A Public Accounting firm.  Consulted on the performance, upgradeability, affordability, and compatibility, of many different networking, hardware, and software decisions.

A cotton ginning, financing, and milling conglomerate.  Conducted classroom training sessions, customized to the company, in all aspects of the Solomon III accounting system, and Lotus 1-2-3.

A distributor of graphite tools.  Implemented Solomon III an a PC-based SCO XENIX environment where the power and flexibility of the inventory and order entry systems were vital.

An art gallery.  Designed a 2-way interface between the Solomon III accounting system and a DBase Inventory package.  Interviewed, selected, and supervised the work of a DBase Programmer. 

A research and development company in noise reduction systems.  Conducted a series of customized training classes, on the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Order Entry, Inventory, and Purchasing modules.   Consulted on the assignment of inventory item numbers into bill-of-materials levels.  Implemented a Payroll system that accommodated 401K, and Section 125 Cafeteria plans.  Facilitated the growth of the accounting system from a single-use DOS mode, to a peer-to-peer network, and then to NovellJ, using a co-processor board to execute the Solomon database serving function.

A hardware and software provider to large hospital environments.  Programmed a Paradox system which brought together data from the manufacturing, project management, and time tracking systems and manipulated it for upload into a Solomon III accounting system.

An Installer and manufacturer of marble and granite.  Installed, configured, trained, and supported a sophisticated implementation of the Solomon III accounting system.  System attributes included Job Costing, accurate down to corresponding payroll taxes, and inter-company billing of shared costs between divisions.

A 3rd-Party Employee Benefit Plans Administrator.  Brought several people who worked in the same department into a single workgroup using a peer-to-peer networking system.

A Nationwide network of HMOs.  Compressed several days of Lotus instruction into intensive sessions targeted at the needs and objectives of the staff members.

A large law firm.  Programmed data queries and reports, in spreadsheet and database languages, while serving in a litigation-support capacity on a large case.

A distributor of industrial solvents.  Installed and implemented a Unix-based system of accounting which covered all aspects of merchandising, accounting, and marketing.

A concrete subcontractor.  Reviewed three years of business records for reconciliation and update of an under-used accounting system and trained the in-house Accountant in the use of the CYMA accounting software.

A chain of surgical centers.  Consulted and trained on the implementation of Solomon III to automate all requisitioning, central purchasing, inventorying, and transferring of medical supplies and implements to the outlying offices.

A Specialized cafeteria plan administrator.  Programmed a menu-driven Lotus 1-2-3 system that accepted full-screen input of federal and state tax tables, state and federal child care subsidy programs, and parent salary information.  Wrote reporting logic to estimate the Parent's income tax and cash flow positions both before and after participation in various child care subsidy programs.

Solomon Accounting Software.  Teach hands-on training classes in the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, and Report and Graph Designer modules, of the Solomon III and ProfitWise accounting systems.

A Land developer.  Reconfigured and fine-tuned their networking environment for maximum throughput, and programmed a menuing structure, unique to each workstation, to increase productivity.

A vendor of AutoCad hardware and software enhancements.  Consulted on the  automation of the entire system of accounting, from telephone order entry, to bill-of-material assembly and shipment, to financial statement presentation.

A health and fitness club.  Trained the Owner in the use of the ProfitWise accounting software after a turnover in bookkeepers.  Restructured the chart of accounts and redesigned the financial statements.

            A High-tech manufacturing conglomerate.  Programmed a custom financial statement reporting system which extracts trial balance information from a Solomon III accounting database into a macro-driven Lotus 1-2-3 template.

A Cotton Farming operation.  Implemented Solomon III to address multiple crop years, multiple entity consolidation, and cash-basis financial statements.

A Post-graduate business school.  Conducted a series of hands-on training classes for Accounting, Payroll, and Accounts Payable personnel in Lotus 1-2-3 Release 3.

A Large group of hospital-based Physicians.  Installed Solomon III onto a network of IBM PS/2 computers.  Trained accounting staff members in techniques of financial statement design and definition, and in the use the Purchasing module in connection with Inventory and Accounts Payable.  Wrote software to import hundreds of vendor records into an accounting database using the External Systems Interface module.

A Manufacturer of air conditioning systems.  Conducted classroom training in the fundamentals of Lotus 1-2-3 for members of the accounting department.  Conducted individualized sessions to ensure that each job description efficiently used their computer resource.

A High-tech manufacturer.  Programmed a Lotus system to accept personnel, operations, and materials expenditures, and produce reports projecting department and project costs by month.

A Destination travel and tour company.  Installed, configured, trained, and supported a Solomon III system.  Provided advice and assistance on using the Job Costing software module to implement the Completed Contract method for management information and later converting to Percentage Completion for compliance reporting.

A Medical supplies manufacturer.  Programmed a database system to import purchased mailing list files, select and sort, and either print to envelopes and letters directly, or merge into a WordPerfect document.

A Chemical manufacturer.  Solved a long-standing technical problem involving the functioning of a Solomon III system on a microcomputer network.  Provided on-going training and support, including version upgrades.

A Cotton ginning cooperative.  Provided technical assistance in upgrading from an older version of the Solomon III accounting software, repairing a damaged database, and consolidating from a multiplicity of disk drive partitions and Bernoulli cartridges.

A Drywall subcontractor.  Conducted a series of training and consulting sessions dealing with the configuration and use of the ProfitWise accounting software.

An Owner/operator of large apartment complexes.  Integrated the Prentice Hall property management software with the corresponding General Ledger program and defined financial statements and cash flow schedules.

A Chain of men's clothing stores.  Used various utilities to recover from a crashed disk.  Re-partitioned the disk and patched together data and programs from backup sets and the salvaged computer.

An Advertising and public relations firm.  Installed an automated research system based on remote timesharing databases and trained the professional staff in its use.

A Manufacturer of clean room robotics for the semiconductor industry.  Consulted on the requirements for and selection of a computerized Job Order control system.

A Small Public Accounting firm.  Trained the Principal in the use of the Solomon III accounting software for client write-up and internal bookkeeping.

An operator of State Fair rides and concessions.  Assisted in Solomon III magnetic media filing of W-2 information to the Social Security Administration.


1984-1990.  Toback & Company, P.C.; a Public Accounting firm.  Built and directed a Computer Consulting division which emphasized automated accounting systems, custom programming, and classroom software training.

Arizona State University.  Installed a Solomon III accounting system to automate the business operations of the School of Accounting.  Programmed a menuing system to ease access to all computer  systems.

A Chain of sporting goods stores.  Designed, installed, and implemented a PC-based POS system for two retail locations, one connected directly to the LAN and the other polled over a modem. 

A Manufacturer of defense industry avionics.  Consulted on the design of a custom database to integrate job budgets from a proposal system, materials usage from a shop floor control package, labor costs from a downloaded payroll service file.  It produced department and contract reports of actual to budget and to standard.

A Chain of men's clothing retail stores.  Conducted a Request for Proposal project, and directed the conversion to and integration of a POS system which featured a central minicomputer polling six remote stores.  The store configurations featured a PC-based cash drawer, bar code scanner, and ticket printer.  Designed and programmed a system to read in a very large and intricate print file and reformat it into the record and field layouts required by the new system.  Designed and programmed a system to accept downloaded customer database information for ad hoc and pre-pro­grammed reporting.

An Association of Orthopedic Surgeons.  Installed and configured Solomon III to run under the UNIX operating system on an ALTOS multi-user system. 

A Manufacturer of home fixtures.  Conducted a formal software search for a minicomputer-based system capable of automating all aspects of order processing, assembly, inventory, billing, sales analysis, accounts payable and general ledger.

A public relations and lobbying firm.  Installed and customized a Solomon III accounting package and trained the accounting staff in its operation.  Designed and programmed a Lotus 1-2-3 system which projected client retainer revenue and operational expenses to yield an accurate cash flow picture of the firm. 

Toback & Company.  Designed and programmed a database system for resale to companies in the construction industry.  Featured many popup programs to assist the user in data entry while maintaining intricate index relationships between database tables.

An Association of kidney disease physicians and dialysis centers.  Installed the Solomon III accounting system, originally, to run under MS-DOS.  Some years later converted the data to run under the UNIX operating system on their ALTOS billing computer.  Installed and optimized Solomon to the UNIX environment.

A Gold mining operation.  Provided support and training remotely over a modem for a specialized implementation of the Solomon III accounting system.

A Land developer.  Developed a large, menu-driven Lotus application to accept inputs regarding a contemplated land acquisition, and produce the suggested syndication strategy and investor return.

A Retailer of tools and janitorial supplies.  Implemented an accounting system running on a microcomputer Local Area Network.  Sales orders were recorded for the computer-production of invoices, perpetual inventory control, and sales analysis.

A catalog mail-order company.  Conducted a series of Lotus 1-2-3 training classes, beginning with Introduction and progressing through Keystroke Programming.  Students included staff from the Accounting, Administration, and Marketing departments.

Toback & Company.  Designed and programmed a database system to automate the management and administration of client Cafeteria plans.  Extensive user interfaces facilitated the input of expense report transactions.  The system printed checks and stored historical information for limits checking.

A Manufacturer of defense industry avionics.  Designed and programmed a menu-driven Lotus 1-2-3 system to facilitate the financial budgeting process.  Diskettes were distributed to the department heads for input, and returned to Accounting where the macro system prompts for push button consolidation or de-consolidation of each department to the division or corporate level.

A Temporary help agency.  Implemented Solomon III to take the place of a remote time-sharing service offered by their Franchiser.  Trained the internal accounting staff together with members of their public accounting firm. 

A Wholesaler of medical supplies and equipment.  Implemented an automated system of accounting which included order entry and inventory control.  Responsibilities included a thorough analysis of the accounting treatment of  transactions and consultation on other system related accounting issues.

The National Park Service contractor to distribute Grand Canyon literature at all park sites.  Installed a Solomon III computerized accounting system with control over inventory levels and sales analysis at several remote retail stores and a central mail-order operation.  Designed and programmed database management system to extract and download, from an Accounting system, sales and inventory information for specialized management reporting.

An owner/operation of resort hotels.  Consulted on the advisability of the Solomon III account system in replacement of their existing accounting software.  Conducted all subsequent installation and training, including the re-design of a chart of accounts.

A Television station.  Installed and trained the accounting staff in the use of the Solomon III accounting system.  The system was used primarily to facilitate payable management.

A Commercial real estate brokerage.  Designed and programmed a database system to store and report on information about listed buildings and land parcels.  Most management reporting involved geographic selection by frontage street or city section.  Upon completion of a sale the system stores the transaction information for commission calculations and comparables research.

A Real estate syndicator.  Designed and programmed a system to perform extensive data validation against new investor information and generate allocation transactions for the distribution of expenses and income.

A Rural water company.  Assumed the support and enhancement responsibilities for a custom-programmed utility billing system.  Most work was performed over a modem installed in the client's computer.

The Arizona State University Research Park.  A $50 million project designed to attract startup high tech companies to Tempe.  The spreadsheet model accepted as input all components of the infrastructure, construction, operation, and finance, and recommended rental rates required to earn an acceptable profit.

A Creative design and productions compa­ny.  Designed and programmed a job costing system for use on portable computers at the job site.  Developed processes whereby newly entered transactions would be transmitted and uploaded to the home office computer.


1982-1984.  American Continental Corporation; a parent corporation, holding the largest Home Builders in both Colorado and Arizona, a Stock Brokerage, A Mortgage Company, An Insurance Company, and Savings and Loan.  Microcomputer Manager with support and training responsibility for 200-300 users, and the purchase of 70 PCs.  Conducted extensive software, hardware, and vendor evaluations and made selection decisions for all corporate microcomputing standards. 

Continental Homes, Inc.  Developed an interrelating system of Lotus 1-2-3 models for use by salespeople working at the model homes.  It requested data from the prospective buyer and pre-qualified for the home under consideration, and selected from 50 available financing plans for consideration.  Output was by way of an inquiry screen, graph, and report.

Continental Homes, Inc.  Conducted an extensive selection study evaluating microcomputer- versus minicomputer-based Computer Aided Design systems for use in architecture.  The effort included attendance at several nationwide CAD trade shows and many product demonstrations.

American Continental Corporation.  Performed systems analysis, design, and programming on various modules of an accounting system run­ning on an IBM System 36.

Continental Homes, Inc.  Designed and programmed, on a network of IBM System 23's, a system to capture Subcontractor bidding information for comparison, reporting, and uploading to an IBM System 36.


1979-1982.  Walker & Armstrong; a Public Accounting firm.  Managed a Data Processing department consisting of Data Entry Specialists, Computer Operators, and Bookkeepers.  Conducted a programming and data conversion from an IBM System 32 to a System 34.  Departmental responsibilities included income tax processing, client write-up, and firm time and billing, practice management, and accounts receivable.

Walker & Armstrong.  Served in a Controllership capacity for a large number of Firm clients, with responsibilities which included financial statement presentation, monthly accounting, and corporate, partnership, individual, payroll and sales tax preparation.

Walker & Armstrong.  Maintained, modified, and customized several RPG-based systems and developed custom RPG II software for internal use and client service.

Walker & Armstrong.  Designed and programmed a system in the BASIC programming language on IBM's System 23 which captured accounting transactions for management reporting and later uploading to an IBM System 34 General Ledger system.